Why settle for shapeless shrubs when you could have smart, stylish topiary?


From the whimsical to the striking, nothing says elegance like a few perfectly manicured hedges in your garden.


Our maintenance teams are master craftsman when it comes to pruning, clipping and topiary. You’ll find us maintaining some of Cambridge’s most beautiful topiary and formed hedges.

So whether you want to create a feature out of your existing shrubs, or start afresh—we can help.

Whatever the size of your garden, we’ll design a selection of topiary just for you and maintain it for you long-term—or whenever it needs a bit of adhoc shaping.

Our skilled and experienced team can take care of every aspect of your topiary needs—from formal and distinguished shapes to an immaculately clipped single ball box or sweeping, organic forms. 



Looking for vivacious flowering and year-round healthy growth?

Good pruning is the key. 

As part of our Cambridge garden maintenance and improvement service, we combine professional pruning services with deep-rooted horticultural expertise to bring out the full potential of your garden.

We prune throughout the year, always taking into account the individual requirements of each plant, including pome fruit, such as apples and pears in winter, and stone fruit, such as plums, apricots and cherries in the summer. This thoughtful approach is the best way to ensure your trees and shrubs grow strong and healthy.

From managing woody plants and perennials over time, to seasonal cutting back. From restoring rampant Wisteria to revitalising those climbing roses into an incredible floral façade—we have the expertise you need.

The result? A healthy, vital garden you’ll be proud to show off throughout the seasons.


We’re also experts in training trees. 

The art of pleaching is an excellent way to establish the architecture of your garden.  

Imagine a row of neatly clipped trees to demarcate an intimate space—or even a grand courtyard. Pleaching looks magnificent, but it takes time, patience, knowhow and effort.

Whether you’re looking to create a ceiling or tunnel… to wall train your fruit trees, or to attractively screen off areas of your garden—we can do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Call Rob on 07857 657003 today to find out what we can do for you.


We are very happy with the work done by Abbotswood. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with the trees in our garden.
— D. Lewis, Grantchester