How to unlock your garden's true potential


Imagine owning a garden just like the ones you see in the weekend supplements and glossy magazines. Or even the Chelsea Flower Show (yes it’s possible).


What’s your style?

  • Grand and stately?
  • Tree-lined and tranquil? 
  • Lush and luxuriant?
  • Flower-filled and herbaceous?
  • Simple and evergreen?

Whatever the size, shape or condition of your Cambridge garden, we’ll create something to suit your taste... and your surroundings.

What’s your style?


Not quite sure what you'd like?

We’ll advise you on how to create a stunning, practical and sustainable garden that will enhance your life.

And because your garden should be a reflection of you, we work hard to get to know your passions (and practical needs).

So our uncomplicated design process makes creating your perfect garden as easy as a walk in the park.

A genuinely seamless design and build service

Our close partnerships with both hard landscapers and artisans, ensures the smooth installation of even the most demanding Cambridge garden design.

We can take care of every aspect of the process—giving you a complete garden design solution, with minimal disruption.

And because we want you to enjoy your garden for many years to come, we provide full Cambridge garden maintenance services.


Garden design expertise

Garden design with exceptional plant expertise

What makes Abbotswood different to other Cambridge garden designers? 

Our exceptional plant knowledge.

And our ability to select the perfect planting for your outdoor space.

Whether it's a kaleidoscope of colours, or strong architectural shapes—our horticultural knowhow is why many of our happy customers return to us, time and time again.

Abbotswood are a safe pair of hands. Everything is always done to the highest-possible standards.
— D. G. Henderson, Cambridge

This is a great starting point and a thrilling first step in the creation of your dream garden.



Our expert team will visit you at home to get to know your aspirations, your preferences and your passions. 

  • It’s a space for you to run your ideas past our horticultural experts. A chance to let your creativity run wild.  
  • We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of your outdoor spaces from which we can begin to explore your exciting new ideas. 
  • Whether it’s raised beds for your kitchen garden or robust planting to withstand playful pets and lively children—we’ll tell you what’s possible; and which plants are going to flourish in your garden.


Improve your plant knowledge

Discover more about your garden, what plants you have and how to make them healthier and more beautiful than ever.

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Become a better gardener

Learn how to get the most from your garden, with best-practice advice on how you can manage it effectively.

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Understand your garden's potential

Creative and practical advice so you can start planning your garden design based on what’s possible.

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Looking for a complete garden transformation?


Perhaps you’ve just moved home, or you’re ready for a completely new style and feel? Our full garden design consultation is the pain-free route to a truly aspirational garden. 


No matter how dramatic.

No matter how unusual the location.

No matter what your ideas.


We will transform your Cambridge, Huntingdon or Saffron Walden garden into something that you, your friends and your family can admire for years to come.

We’ll visit you at home to discuss your requirements in detail.  It can be as creative process as you wish—a chance to share everything—from the simple to the adventurous.

Next, we’ll give you an in-depth, tailor-made report, including a few creative ideas you may not have thought of yourself. Now you’ve got everything you need to make your decision.

  1. Brief
    The creative bit. An in-depth consultation where we get to know your practical needs and design inspirations.
  2. Survey
    The practical bit. It’s time to measure up and get a watertight understanding of your garden, including its aspect, soil, drainage, access and services—in short, everything. 
  3. Concept
    The exciting bit. We’ll reveal the full concept for your garden with mood boards and sketches to give you the complete picture. Now you can visualise the end result.
  4. Tender plans
    The detail bit. We'll introduce construction and technical drawings; setting-out plans; planting plans and a specification document for the tender process. This is the blueprint from which our trusted partners will build your garden. 
  5. Managing your build
    The final build. We work with only the finest local artisans, craftsmen and skilled landscapers. And  we keep a close eye on your garden’s development to ensure its smooth transition into the garden you’ve always wanted. 

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Need advice on what to plant? 



With literally thousands of plant varieties and species to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

We can revitalise your planting with fresh ideas, or advise you on whole planting schemes to help you get the look and feel you want—all carefully chosen to suit your soil, aspect and location.


Plants for your lifestyle

  • Whether your garden is for fun, relaxing, family or pets. Whether for enjoying a chilled glass of Sancerre, or growing award-winning roses—we can help.
  • We’ll complement your existing scheme or design something completely different... map out a plan... source the finest plants from our long-standing, trusted partners and deliver them to you—or have them expertly planted.
  • Whether to revitalise, transform or uplift your existing planting, our flexible planting services help you get the most from your Cambridge garden.

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We’re so proud of our garden now. It’s a real talking point.
— J. Richardson, Bury St Edmunds