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Garden consultancy Service

Need help with your garden, but not sure where to start? Two heads can be better than one.

Our one-off garden consultations offer expert, practical gardening advice from a team of professional gardeners – without the need for a long-term contract or full redesign. 

Got a shady garden and don’t know which plants to choose? Adapting the garden for children, pets, or becoming less mobile? Incorporating a water feature but need advice on how to do it properly? Our two-hour consultations are a great springboard for gardening or garden design ideas, or for nipping horticultural problems in the bud. After all, there is nothing like discussing your garden with someone who loves gardens as much as you do, and has decades of horticultural experience. We can offer advice on...

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Practical solutions for problem areas

Whether it's a sloping garden, invasive plants or tricky boundary – we love a challenge.

Plant advice

What works best for the soil, climate and aspect – and your pocket and preferences. We can discuss requirements for herbaceous borders, wildlife gardens, pond margins, woodland areas and more.

Design tips

Ideas on how you can transform your space long-term, or for a special event, without the obligation to commit to our full design service


Maintenance advice

We can give you advice to get the most out of lawns, ponds and patios.

Equipment suggestions

Tips and tricks so you can get the right tool for the job, whether it’s for pruning, mowing or materials for hard landscaping. We can also offer links to trusted contractors and suppliers.

We offer a FREE initial telephone consultation, after which we will visit your garden and complete a 1-2 hour site assessment (assessing soil conditions, identifying any existing, cherished plants or troublesome ones, discuss future planting & design considerations.  Meeting notes will follow, with information on the ideas discussed, inspiration and fact sheets, which you can keep and refer back to.


Prices start at £150 including VAT. Our Garden Consultancy Services are also available as gift vouchers.

Email rob@abbotswoodgardeners.co.uk for more details.