Why do I need a garden designer? Here are 5 reasons

Every wondered what a garden designer could do for you? Of course we’re biased here at Abbotswood Garden Design, but we’re pretty sure professional garden design is the best way to make your dreams blossom—while saving you hard work and horticultural hassle along the way…

1.    For those National Grid-busting ‘light bulb’ moments

Even if you’re a seasoned gardener, there are probably soft landscaping tips, tricks and techniques you’re not familiar with. A good design team will have wheelbarrows of ideas, offering a fresh pair of eyes and a bespoke design suited to you and your needs. 

While you might see your garden as a place to store your bikes, or hang up the washing, we see it as an untapped oasis. As experienced garden designers, we can offer trug-loads of creative ideas and inspiration, as well as solutions to problems that a hard landscaper might overlook. 

We can bring skill and expertise to issues of local climate, aspect and ecosystem, drainage, soil conditions and planting – as well as troubleshooting awkward shapes and sloping areas. We won’t try and fit a square lawn into a round hole.

2.    For a network to rival British rail

You wouldn’t build an extension without appointing an architect, so you shouldn’t build a garden without the same expertise. A garden design will be the hymn sheet from which all other tradespeople sing. 

Over 10 years in Cambridge, we’ve made it our business to build up a network of contacts and relationships with landscapers, builders, craftsmen and artisans in the local area, and have unrivalled knowledge of the horticultural industry and the best plants for local conditions. 

We can ‘project manage’ the build from blueprint to backyard bliss, liaising with suppliers, monitoring progress and acting as the go-between. 

3. For leaving more in your piggy bank…

People mistakenly think garden design is expensive or overpriced – but in the long term good garden design can save you money.  

Designers are skilled in sourcing the right materials for the right price (often at trade prices inaccessible to the public), and while a DIY garden might appear cheaper, it’s easy to overlook certain aspects and end up forking out for problems you hadn’t budgeted for—or losing track of the finances altogether. 

We can keep an eye on the figures, and suggest compromises to the design that will ensure you stay within a set limit, or, at best, save you money.

3.    …and adding to your pot of gold!

Building a garden is a big undertaking but just like a loft conversion or new bathroom suite – it’s also an investment. Not only can a good garden enhance your life – as a place to relax, exercise, play with kids or pets – it can also be a deal breaker if you intend to sell your property. 

We are skilled at hiding unsightly views, blurring boundaries, making more of small spaces and visually integrating the house with the garden, which adds real value to your home. In fact, it’s thought a well-appointed back garden and ‘kerb-appealing’ front garden can add as much as 10 per cent to the asking price. 

After all, if there’s a similar property for sale up the road, your lush lawn and will be considered much more enticing that the house with the bin shed and washing line.

5. For their ability to turn pipe dreams into sweet dreams

Ultimately, if your idea of a perfect back garden is paving stones and a shed, then a garden designer might not be the right choice for you. But if you long for the vignettes of Versailles, the hideaways of Hidcote or the water gardens of Giverny, then a garden designer can help your ideas bear fruit. 

In Cambridge, we have helped countless homeowners add magic, mystery and mood to their outdoor spaces, bringing shape, texture, colour, fragrance and even food to their garden. 

We can bring harmony to the chaos of functional areas or awkward shapes; add interest and surprise to blank canvases; deliver privacy and seclusion (and help dampen noise pollution), and make your garden a place your want to explore, not just to look at out of the window.

Want to find out how we can help you? Drop us an email at robert.chew@abbotswoodgardendesign.co.uk or call Rob on 07857 657003.