"We design, build and maintain beautiful gardens. That’s it. Nothing else. Nothing to waver our passion for horticulture—nothing to cut our focus.
We just do our absolute best to create extraordinary gardens.  And we never rest on our laurels. Because we believe every day is an opportunity to learn and improve.
So each morning our goal is to create the best gardens we know how. We listen carefully to our customers. We partner with the finest local craftsmen. We're obsessive about cleaning our tools. We source thriving plants from local suppliers. Plant them with an expert eye... And let the wonder of Mother Nature do the rest.
There’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from transforming an unruly Cambridge garden or rambling country estate—knowing the work you do is giving so much pleasure. It makes the hard work and the attention to every detail worth all the effort.
That’s why love what we do."
Rob Chew

Rob Chew

Growing up in the Cotswolds, surrounded by wildflower meadows and woods, Rob developed an early appreciation for nature. A long career in the travel industry simply couldn’t quell his deep-rooted love for the outdoors—so in 2007 he took the plunge into the world of horticulture.

From volunteering with the National Trust and the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge, Rob took a post at Wimpole Hall as a gardener, where he passed the RHS Horticulture exams. His next step was to graduate from the English Gardening School in London.

Today, he manages a team of 5 professionals, creating, designing and maintaining some of the most spectacular gardens in the region.

Rob Chew

Abbotswood are a sensational team. If you want the garden of your dreams, don’t hesitate.
— T. Morpeth, Cambridge.